Lake Okeechobee fishing report 1-5-21

Thought I would get out a quick Lake Okeechobee fishing report for the beginning of 2021. The lake has been fishing great and to be honest it hasn’t been this good for quite a few years. With water levels up to 15.79 feet above sea level we are able to access areas that we have been in for years and they are loaded with bass. I have been fishing the southern end of the lake but I know that other areas have been off the hook too. I have been doing a lot of live bait trips (wild shiners) and on most days you can’t get bait in the water fast enough. Yes, we have had a few cold fronts come through but they have only affected the fishing for a day or two. I thing that this season with be one of our best here on the lake that we have had for years. The fish I have been catching have been very healthy looking and well fed, numbers have been great and size has been better than normal. The artificial lure bite has been a little slow but we are still catching some, mostly on spinnerbaits and Gambler Aces or at least that is what is working for me. The key is as always here on Okeechobee “find the clean water and you will find the fish”. I still have open dates to get out on the lake and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Lake Okeechobee fishing report 10-16-2020

With the Lake Okeechobee water level at 16.20 feet above sea level the bass sure have a lot of places to be and that has made finding them a little hard. But if you just fish around the traditional areas where the bass should start showing up you will find them; they may be back farther in the grass because they have a lot of water to be in. I am fishing areas like the shoal, West Wall, and Coots Bay and finding some bass on both artificial lures and wild shiners. I start on the outside grass line and then just move inside till I find where the bass are. There have also been some bass around Ritta Island and on Long Point depending on the wind as to whether it has pushed too much dirt water off the main lake into these areas to fish. For artificial lures I have been using Gambler Ace and Super Stud, Black blue color for the Ace and watermelon-red color for the Super Stud. If you see some schooling bass eating bait get a lipless crankbait in them and you will have a blast putting one bass after another in the boat. But the best bet on catching bass here on Okeechobee has always been the wild shiners. This season is shaping up to be one of the best seasons we have had for a couple years with there being enough water to get back in areas that we haven’t been for a few years. Now is the time to get those fishing trips to Lake Okeechobee booked before all the good dates are taken. Give me a call or text at 863-677-0983 and let me get you out on the lake.

January 2020 Okeechobee fishing report

The fishing has been improving daily here on Lake Okeechobee as we head into the new year. My clients have been enjoying the weather and the bass fishing here in south Florida with the big girls moving in to traditional spawning areas. The bite on the wild shiners has been the best but the bite on artificial lures has also been pretty good with bites coming on frogs, swimbaits, and of course stick baits. I have been fishing a lot of areas from South Bay to Whidden Pass which gives everyone plenty of areas to fish. The wind has been the deciding factor as to where I have been fishing, as usual the wind blows on Okeechobee this time of the year.
My selection for artificial lures have been Spro frogs, Gambler EZ Swimmers and of course I never go anywhere with a Gambler Ace tied on. Some of the better fishing has been on the outside grass line but I have also been doing really well back in the shallow clear water but the key to that has been being quite with the trolling motor and making long casts. I have found that if there are a lot of boats in a shallow water area the bite has been pretty tough. Explore areas that you don’t see a lot of boats, you might just be surprised at what you find. The bite on live bait aka wild shiners has been good and seems to be improving almost daily and as we get closer to that magical spawning season Okeechobee should be on fire. The lake level has remained around that 13 to 13 ½ foot above sea level and the Corp of Engineers say they are not going to be doing any water releases, believe that when I see. Can’t wait to see what blessings are in store for the 2020 season here on Lake Okeechobee. Now is the time to get a fishing trip booked on world famous Lake Okeechobee 863-677-0983

November 3rd Okeechobee fishing report

Just wanted to get a quick fishing report out today and let everyone know what is going on at Lake Okeechobee. The bass have finally started to make a move off the main lake to traditional fishing areas. And that is great news for us, it signal that our busy season is about to start. Had a great week catching bass in good numbers like it should be in spite of the mid eighties water temperature and ninety degree air temps. Was even lucky enough this past week to have a customer put one in the boat over nine pounds. The water level has been holding steady at around 13.50 feet above sea level, a great level except that if we don’t get a lot of rain north of us it will be getting low as the season progresses. The live bait bite on wild shiners has been the best bet but the artificial bite has also been good but you will have to work for them a little harder. The best bet if the wind will allow is to fish the outside grass line looking for clean water and baitfish in both directions when you come out the Clewiston channel. Artificial lure selection would be Gambler Ace’s, Gambler Burner Worm, and the new Wow Factor Fishing square bill crankbait. I have seen a little more vegetation growing in some areas I just hope it continues and the Florida Wildlife Commission and Applied Aquatics leave our lake alone. We all need to stick together to stop the misuse of chemical weed spraying on our lake. It is time to get those fishing trips booked on Okeechobee for this years season which starts now. I have trips available for 4 and 6 hours with up to 4 people on the boat. I also have overnight accommodations available. Contact me at 863-677-0983