Monthly Archives: June 2015


December is almost here on Okeechobee and the bass are on the move toward spawning areas and that means there is bass to be caught. November was an awesome month here on the lake and cooler water temperatures only mean that the fishing will get even better. The lake water level is still up over fifteen and a half feet above sea level and that is letting the bass scatter out almost anywhere they want to.

I have been catching bass on artificial lures as well as on wild shiners with the wind being the only deterrent as to where I fish on any given day. You can catch the smaller male bass on Gambler Ace’s and Super Studs but if you want to catch bigger ones you will need to pitch craw type baits to isolated reed heads. As more bass move into spawning areas we should be able to catch them on swim baits like the Gambler Big EZ that I like to use. This type of fishing back in the heavy vegetation is full contact fishing and you will need a heavy action rod and braided fishing line, I like to use fifty and sixty five pound test Power Pro line to get the job done. For the live bait fishing you should try and fish as close to open water as the wind will allow you to do, I like to find water that has a little stain to the water color.

This looks like it is going to be another awesome season here on the lake, we have plenty of water and a lot of areas to fish this year that have had cover that was too heavy last year to fish. December is the start of our spawning months here on Okeechobee and will continue through April with February and March being the prime months to catch the monster female bass. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t catch big bass the rest of the time here and your next cast on Okeechobee could be the fish of a lifetime. As the rest of the country is already cold and lakes are frozen up we are enjoying the warm weather and year round bass fishing here in South Florida.

Now is the time to get a fishing trip on Okeechobee booked while there are still some good dates open and while you are here fishing let me get a hog hunt set up to finish off your southern vacation. Couple note to those wanting to bring your own boat to the lake to fish, there are lots of trails back in the grass that are boat trails and you want to be careful and look for other boats running them. And please don’t fish in these trails because a lot of times we can’t stop at the last minute when we see you fishing these trails and we all know that boats don’t have brakes. If you do decide you have to fish in these trails don’t get mad when we run by you. Everyone needs to be safe out on the water. Good luck, tight lines, and I hope to see everyone out on the water soon.