September 2019 Fishing Report

It has been a long hot summer here on Okeechobee but fall is in site with the promise of good fishing. We have been very fortunate to have dodged all the hurricanes so far this year and our lake for sure does not need one. The lake level is up to 13.86 feet above sea level and we do have some new vegetation that has been growing all summer. I am looking forward an awesome fishing season as we head into October and the temperatures start to cool off a little. We have been fishing some of the traditional summer areas the last few months and it has been about what you expect for summer fishing here on Okeechobee, get out early and catch some bass for about two or three hours and then get off the water as it gets to hot. I am really looking forward to the cool weather and the bass moving from where they spend their summers in open water to areas in the vegetation where they are easier to locate. Traditional areas like the Monkey Box and north shore areas where bass move in to spawn will start to see the male buck bass moving in to start making beds. Other areas that are good spawning areas should also include around Cochran’s Pass, Turners Cove, East and West Walls, and of course Bay Bottom. I will be getting very busy with guide trips as we get into Oct/Nov months and I am really excited about this season, I really believe this is going to be a great year on the lake. I will be doing both live bait and artificial trips here on Okeechobee. I will always give you my suggestion as what is best at the time but ultimately it is your trip and you are paying so we can do anything you like. Unlike some guides who push you to do what they want to do I leave it up the the clients. Now is the time to start getting those winter trips to World Famous Lake Okeechobee planned, don’t wait till all the good dates are booked up. Good luck and tight lines!!! Hope to see y’all on the water soon. Capt Mark King