Mark King specializes in custom bass fishing trips on Okeechobee and surrounding waters. He can arrange a starting time or quitting time to meet your schedule. Mark knows that not all clients wish to start at 5 A.M. or fish until dark. He will make the days schedule fit your needs, not some, "one trip fits all."

If it is an extremely hot day, you may wish to take a mid day break or maybe stop for lunch at Mary Ann and Roland Martin's marina. What ever it takes to make your dream trip to Okeechobee come true, Mark will do his best to make it happen. From the time Mark picks you up at your front door, until he brings you safely home, your every need will be monitored and strived to be met.

Maybe you wish to take time for some photos of the bountiful wildlife and scenery that makes up one of natures most amazing areas anywhere. There are many alligators, otters, and thousands of wading birds that you will not see anywhere else in the United States.

Mark has studied the history of Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades so that he may answer the many questions you are sure to have. With over 750 square miles of water and grass, Lake Okeechobee is very unique and not a place you will grow tired of. The average depth is about 3 feet, with the deepest water near the middle of the lake only reaching about 12-14 feet. Okeechobee in the Seminole language means "Big Waters" and the lake certainly lives up to it's name. You will be fishing from a Ranger boat. This boat is fully equipped with the latest in navigation and safety equipment. Your comfort and safety is the highest priority with Mark.
Largemouth Bass

Appearance: The largemouth bass is the best known and most popular game fish in North America. It is distinguished from other black bass because the upper jaw extends beyond the rear edge of the eye, and the first and second dorsal (back) fins are separated by an obvious deep dip.

Habitat: The Florida largemouth bass is the state freshwater fish. Found statewide in lakes and rivers, they are commonly found along vegetation, or underwater structure, but schooling bass are also found in the middle of lakes.

Behavior: Black bass spawn in spring, when males fan out a bed and then protect the eggs and fry. The baby fish eat zooplankton (microscopic animals that drift in the water column), and when about an inch long begin eating other small fish. Adults eat a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and larger insects.

State Record: 17.27 lbs.

Fishing Tips and Facts: Florida is an outstanding destination to catch a trophy. A photo and measurements of your fish can be converted into lifelike fiberglass mounts, so you can release the lunker to fight another day. The best live bait is a golden shiner, fished under a float or free-lined. Typically, the shiner is hooked through the lips or back with a large hook, 2/0 to 5/0. A medium to medium-heavy rod with 14- to 20-pound test line is preferred, particularly when fishing in areas with thick vegetation or cover. Plastic worms are the most dependable artificial bait for largemouth bass. A weedless Texas- or Carolina-rigged worm is especially effective with heavy plant cover. Checking "Florida Fishing Weekly" is a great way to learn about the full array of techniques available to bass anglers as well as specific details about different bass fisheries around the state.